Eddie Olczyk: Beating the Odds in Hockey and in Life

Published: October 8th, 2019
ISBN: 1629377287
Reviewed: 2020

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I absolutely loved this book. I love hockey, and hearing Olczyk and Pat Foley call games is one of the great benefits of staying home and watching the Blackhawks at home.

This book expands so much history from when Edzo started playing hockey, being the first hometown player drafted in Chicago first round and how much that meant to him, even to this day. To being traded to team after team and how the uncertainty weighed on him and his growing family. Going on to horse racing and calling races and betting, to getting into broadcasting for NBC. Finally his story about getting and beating cancer.

Edzo is an inspiring and compassionate person and I don't think there is another person in hockey that can touch this. He now leads up the Hockey Fights Cancer initiative and is very active listening to others stories and others battles.