Resilient Management

Published: June 11th, 2019
ISBN: 1937557820
Reviewed: 2019

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Probably one of the most transformative books I've read this year. Resilient Management is a short book but jam packed full of actionable information to use as a first-time manager, all the way to a seasoned senior manager. Lara goes into details on things she has learned through her career and shares every turn with you in hopes you are set up to succeed.

I bought this book twice - once in PDF and another in paperback. I wanted to have this thing by my side like a field guide. As I transitioned into management, I re-read this book and thought about the kind of leader I wanted to be and the kind of leader I wanted to be led by.

The book dives into developing your mentorship and coaching skills, handling difficult conversations and developing a 1-1 format that works for you. One of my favorite concept in the book was just a line, but helped me get to know people better is asking folks how they treat themselves when they celebrate. I keep a journal of things that I've learned so I can reward people in the most comfortable way and in a meaningful, personal way.