To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History

Published September 14th 2019

I read this book in 2019


This book can be blow-hardy at times, but if you strip away the personal naritive a bit, then you can extract some great info about early Pixar, the challenges they faced racing to get Toy Story and achieving their IPO. Great lessons about busieness and relationships.


These kinds of books always facinate me. A story of the wolrd working against you and you are out to prove them wrong. It makes people think they need to sacrafice everything to be the next Pixar, or Google, or SpaceX. In reality, many companies risk everything and still come up empty handed.


I loved the behind the scenes feel of parts of this book. The office descritions and the way the teams were set up. The passion for the work, and the feeling of dread and burnout from overworking. Overall I'd say this is a pretty decent read, even if you are only slightly interestd in Pixar.

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