Tyler Jefford

CTO, Mentor, Engineer


A Short Bio

Technology leader and CTO in Chicago with more than a decade of experience. Coding in PHP, Ruby, Javascript and SQL with a focus on UX and UI. Passionate about mentoring future engineers and building amazing teams.


Real Estate Technology

rentLoop is designed to connect prospective renters with current renters, simplifying the process from search to sign. We have built a platform which provides full transparency, enabling all renters the ability to share information with one another about their own unit, building, management, neighborhood, and neighbors.

Shots & Bytes

Technology Podcast

A podcast about technology and business and where they intersect. Each week I sit down with a startup owner, business leader or technologist to discuss how they got their start. Throughout the show the guest reveals challenges and how they overcame them, as well as advice to help the listener learn from their mistakes.

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Service Driven Technology

Cyberhacks brings a combination of experience, creativity, and proven data science to modernize and enhance your infrastructures. Our mission is to make your job easier through tools and services by utilizing the most cutting edge technology and providing an understanding of your complex systems.