👋 I'm Tyler Jefford

I lead technology teams at Venmo who are building the future of consumer financial products for millions of users.

My team recently launched the Venmo Credit Card, which allows you to earn smarter rewards. Before Venmo, I led teams at Enova providing access to fast, trustworthy credit through world-class analytics and technology. I also was the founding technologist of a real estate technology company that sought to democratize the rental application to remove bias, fees and pre-approved renters for apartments, but it never launched to the public.

Before fintech, I spent about 7 years in advertising and digital marketing at small firms building websites, web apps, mobile apps and games. The fast paced environment was a great way to learn how to code quickly and solve problems creatively.

✍️ On my Blog, I write a lot about productivity, management, technology and other topics that I find interesting. You should copy my RSS into your feed reader of choice. (*pours one out for Google Reader*) I don’t believe in ads, tracking views or any of that—I just want to share my experiences as I go.

⚙️ I built this site on Laravel and Statamic for the CMS, and tailwindcss on the frontend. I host on DigitalOcean (referral link) and use Plausible for a privacy-conscious, no-cookies site analytics.