By Tyler Jefford

On March 29th, 2023


There is a lot of talk about how AI is going to disrupt many industries, and that's true. However, what I'm seeing is companies wanting to hand over a large portion of data processing and decision-making to these tools, and it's just not ready yet.

Just a year ago, we were laughing at the funny responses we got from AI answering questions. Recently, we're seeing realistic-looking answers, but they respond with confidently false claims. AI is as dumb as it will ever be; it will continue to improve and be a great disruptor of work we currently spend a lot of time calculating or doing creative and critical thinking.

For now, let's use AI as it's meant to be used; as a tool in our toolbox to help create better, more refined things. It's the electric screwdriver in the toolbox, something that helps us build faster.