August 2020 Updates

By Tyler Jefford • September 2nd, 2020

This month was wrapping up a big project at work. Tying up loose ends and getting some time off. I took an extra long weekend and got away to a secluded area where there was no cell service.

Barn and field in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

It was also my birth month and I did a lot of reflecting on the last several years of my life. The ups and downs. The work I’ve done and the work I wanted to do but haven’t been able to.


Each week on Wednesday I posted a new blog. I focused on a couple things I do during one-on-ones this month. Here is a recap


I read a few books, but nothing stood out as worth of a review for this section. I did read a book that really turned me off of startup culture, being overly aggressive and relentless in the pursuit of making some derivative software to address a non-problem all in the name of making millions for sacrificing hours and years of your life.

I did watch a bunch of movies this month. Again, nothing that stood out as worthy of a review.


  • Literal looks like its going to be a nice clone to Goodreads, but focused more on the books and bookstores and less on the forced social experiences.

  • Don’t Create Chaos - I loved this article, and it is something I am continuously thinking about. Strive for measurable outcomes, Insist all meetings have agendas, confirm complicated verbal communication in writing to solidify it, avoid using power to sidestep team decisions. Fantastic!

  • Why Write ADRs A great write up from GitHub on why and when to use Architecture Decision Records.

  • A clean start for the web I agree, we need a reboot. Not just in the platform of the web with a primary focus on privacy, but as Tom puts it here a separation of document and application web. Very thought provoking and inspiring to see what things are happening right now.