By Tyler Jefford

On February 1st, 2021


Here we are start of 2021- 2020 was a year that will be remembered as one of the worst in history for many. A global pandemic, a country divided, companies that allow disgusting groups to organize and spew hate.

As I reflect on the year and the things I accomplished, I cant help but feel like some things came short due to scrolling on Twitter or Instagram for hours without purpose.

As I did with Facebook years ago, I am deleting Twitter and Instagram from my phone for 2021. I will still tweet here and there, but will likely be list engaged in the community I follow. When I deleted these apps from my phone in early November, I didn’t have a shred of remorse, I didn’t miss it.

I will be focusing on reading, writing and diving deeper into topics I find interesting. I will be continuing this blog, although it might not be on a weekly basis, I will still write articles about technology, management, and the future I want to see.

I am focusing on my health, fitness and mental well being this year. Part of that is going outside, being active (even in the snow). Working out and feeling better about my health. Sleeping better, eating better, drinking a lot of water. But it also means, staying away from twitter and instagram on my phone to give my mind some space to think and grow.

I want to be more mindful and live the moment as it happens. I want to write about it in my journal to cherish the feelings and details I recall. I find myself not able to enjoy things like that when I am constantly on Twitter reading about what the president is doing, or about awful things happening around us.