By Tyler Jefford

On July 29th, 2020

Life , Health

Despite the obvious reasons of health and exercise, taking a walk outside also helps clear your head and de-stress. Getting fresh air is actually good for you.

A few months ago, I bought two Awair air quality monitors. Since I'm working at home, I wanted to see the quality of air throughout the day and make adjustments if needed. In the spring it was great, I was able to have the windows in my office open and have a cool breeze come in, and let the stale carbon dioxide escape.

Now the summer is in full swing (its 98f tonight as I write this) opening the window would likely fill my office with hot and humid air, and that would probably distract me more.

But with the Awair system I get alerts when the humidity is too high, or there are a dangerous amount of chemicals in the air. That is usually my queue to get up and start walking around my house, grab some water, or take the dogs out for a quick walk around the courtyard.

That doesn’t compare to when I have an uninterrupted hour where I can take a walk and wander around the neighborhood. I put in an audio book, or some mellow music, strap on a mask and get walking.

While I’m out, I try not to think about work, or the immediate next meeting I will be in. But I do find myself thinking about the people in the neighborhood, the lives they live. The buildings and the infrastructure, the hospitals and the fire departments. How its all laid out, the nature and creatures roaming, and where they live.

I am particularly keen on saying hi to my neighbors. With a mask it can be hard to show your friendliness without the use of a smile. So I wave, I say hello, I ask how they are and keep on my way. Its important to me to be connected to the people here, and not just the roads and sidewalks that make up the neighborhood.

Walking with the sun shining on my helps me de-stress, to de-clutter my mind and when I arrive back to my desk, I feel refreshed and clear. When I take a lunch walk, I don’t feel as tired at the end of the day, I can keep up with the flow and changes during the day.

I would encourage everyone to at least walk for 30 minutes a day, especially if you are feeling beat by the time you sign off for the evening. I have found while working from home, I get to control the times I am in and out of the office, when I can take a break and when I need a nice long walk.