By Tyler Jefford

On June 7th, 2023


Over the month, I have been working a lot on this product launch for June. It’s meant a lot of later nights and working through lunch. I have been pretty burned out of work, which is why my links section has a lot of really interesting articles about how to measure engineer focus time and how to address workplace burn out.

The product is ramping in the coming weeks and I am being really reflective of the last 18 months of development time we spent on this launch. How does this work stack up against all the other major work I’ve done in my career. I may start to write about some of my reflections in upcoming posts, but for now here is what May looked like for me.





Lots of great weather this month. Spent a lot of time outside reading and just being in the sun. I find it a great stress reducer to be outside in some fresh air, with a nice lemonade.

Sunny day reading with a lemonade

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