By Tyler Jefford

On April 21st, 2023


Its been a really busy week, so I didn’t get to finish my follow up on staying organized. I promise to publish that one soon.

I recently wrote about AI and how I don't think it's quite ready to take the keys to your business yet. In that article, I talked about the trend of companies using it for larger tasks and relying on it for more output - even if it isn't good at the job yet. While there are certainly some risky and gross applications for AI, I want to remain positive about what we can gain from AI if we use it properly, instead of figuring out how to squeeze out every dollar from people like AR/VR did (I'm looking at you metaverse).

AI has already made significant contributions to medical technology. It's being used to identify potential cancer before it develops. For example, in Hungary, AI was able to spot breast cancer up to 4 years before it developed. Imagine AI being trained on data sets to detect anomalous marks in scans throughout the years.

AI can also be used in environmental technology to manufacture better materials, improve supply chain efficiencies, identify areas of material or byproduct waste, and map pollution and its effects, improving living situations around polluted areas.

AI has the potential to improve our lives significantly. The CEO of Google has stated that AI could be more groundbreaking than electricity or fire, and this may be true, provided we don't use it to further widen the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else, thereby turning our potential for utopia into a dystopia.