November 2020 Updates

By Tyler Jefford • December 2nd, 2020

What a month! We had a primary election to decide who would be the next president of the United States and people made their voices heard. More people voted in this election than any in history. Good beat evil, but Trump still won’t accept the L.

As I said last month, I was going to dive deeper into topics and write larger studies on them. I began this month diving deeper into software development performance, measurements, merits, and downfalls. More to come of this.


Each week on Wednesday I posted a new blog. This month I wrote a couple ranting pieces.



  • Stop Counting Clicks.. The Myth is Busted. | by Robert Goesch - I don’t think its a selling point, but UX should reduce complexity as much as possible, and if that means adding a click to have the user make an informed decision, I am all in.

  • Tailwind 2 came out this month and there are so many great improvements. I might upgrade the blog with it soon and write about the process.

  • 5 communication best practices for remote teams No doubt this year has been tough with all thats going on, but many people got their first dose of working remotely over a long period of time, too. The once normal and traditional way people interact with and grow as a team has also had to change. This post is a great collection of tips to try on your team to improve overall communication.

  • Working in fintech, I think about people’s financial well-being a lot. This article was posted on entrepreneur aboutcompanies offering well-being as a requirement over a perk.

  • 2020 has been a lot of bummers, but there have been a lot of upsides. Popsci listed 13 science stories that aren’t so bad