By Tyler Jefford

On September 30th, 2020


What a blur, I can’t believe it’s already October. We are just about a month away from the US presidential elections. If you are able to, please exercise your right to vote. Let your voice be heard. Check if you are registered and get some questions answered at I Will Vote.

This month was super busy, working late nights and long weekends as well. Not a pace I’d like to keep, luckily Q4 is looking much more sustainable, and I am looking forward to holidays even if I don’t know what that looks like this year.


Each week on Wednesday I posted a new blog. This month I deviated from the planned posts and wrote a couple reflecting pieces.


I read a couple books I highly recommend this month as I found time to escape everything and just read alone.

I also finally watched Parasite by Bong Joon-ho. I really loved the cinematography in this movie, the writing the characters. I wanted to watch another 2 hours of the movie.